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An award-winning interactive dating violence prevention program for students in grade 7-12. FrançaisA dating violence prevention project teaching students ...
youth, and energizes others to be allies.  It is shameful that we live in a society where people who are seen to love “differently” are targets of hate ...
Play-in-development. Choral workshops. Dance workshops.Experience the birth of a new musical. Joan Chandler and david sereda are the creative duo adapting ...
Play-in-development. Choral workshops. Dance workshops. Experience the birth of a new musical.     Listen to the Music"When The Tide Rolls ...

Sheatre - Community Arts for Social Change

Artists and community members work collaboratively to co-create a project using immersive processes that are as important as the product or outcome.

We believe in the power of theatre and the arts to change lives and help build a compassionate and healthy society. Sheatre was established in rural Ontario in 1985. Since then, we’ve reached 85,700+ youth and adults through the creation and production of over 110 original plays and 600 events in small urban and rural communities in Canada, the US and England.

Join us. See why reviewers say:

“nothing short of brilliant”           “incredibly powerful”            “necessary”

Issue-based Theatre @ Sheatre

Want to find solutions to social problems? Forum Theatre is a great tool. Want to promote health and justice? ...

Celebratory Arts @ Sheatre

Remember and celebrate historical figures, times past and times present with music, theatre, dance, visual ...

Music @ Sheatre

Come to a concert of moving, original music. Join in a song circle and feel the joy of singing with others. ...

Workshops @ Sheatre

Artists work with groups in community settings like yours to share ideas, produce new works and empower …


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(519) 534-3039