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a play about date rape and negotiating safer relationships for secondary students

“On tour to schools from September 28 – October 19, 2009"
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The girls and guys are concerned about image, popularity, and sexual conquest at The Big Party. Felicity finds herself first tormented by her controlling boyfriend, and then raped by the guy who seemed to want to help her. Name-calling, threats, and cunning manipulation are their tactics. Her judgment is clouded by alcohol and inexperience.

What can Felicity do to stand up for herself and avoid having unwanted sex? Can her best friend help her? Who can? Will you?

Developed in collaboration with a group of teens from Owen Sound to Tobermory under the professional direction of Joan Chandler and Simon Malbogat, The Date Rape Theatre Forum aims to help students recognize the different forms pressure and violence in dating relationships can take, and explores the issues that inform this behavior.

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This development of this program was supported by The Ontario Trillium Foundation, The Ministries of Education and Culture: Arts Education Partnership Initiative through The Ontario Arts Foundation, The United Way Rotary Fund, The Raptors Foundation, and The Ministry of The Attorney General, The Community Foundation Grey Bruce, The United Way of Bruce Grey, Rogers Television and The Council for Business and the Arts.


"I cannot imagine an investment that has the potential to impact so many students within Bluewater and provide our staff with the necessary resources to tackle the crucial conversations that must take place related to relationship issues."
Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education
Bluewater District School Board

"Excellent performance!  Students had nothing but positive remarks about the program." 
West Hill Secondary School, Owen Sound

"You are to be commended for your creative use of the power of theatre and theatre and the arts in promoting healthy, safe relationships between boys and girls."
Deb Matthews, Ontario Minister Responsible for Women¹s Issues

"The performance was outstanding."
John Diefenbaker Secondary School, Hanover.

"The scenario, the dialogue, the action, could all have 'Viewer discretion advised' warnings, but that's the point.  It makes you squirm in your seat. It makes you think."
Scott Woodhouse, Reporter
The Meaford Express

"A few days after the teacher training, a principal called SAPACC and asked me to give advice on reporting sexual abuse of a child-I was able to give her this advice... and before she just jumped to calling CAS-she found it helpful to talk through the situation and to get the advice that she could also encourage the mom of the child to also make contact with CAS--this helped her to include mom as a partner in her child's safety and health-I also agreed to talk to the mom-it was a great work of community partnering!!!

My second story-one of the students who was on our "youth advisory" team for FFTH e-mailed me today about her friend who recently confided to her about being "raped" by her boyfriend-  Because the student had been involved in FFTH she had knowledge and the "language" to support her friend and also to make the connection with me and she asked me for further advice and so I have contacted her back with further suggestions for her friend including coming to SAPACC for counseling... Anyways, these are two specific examples of the ripple effects I have felt as a result of FFTH. Pretty awesome!"
(Note: The friend came for counseling.)
Theresa Partridge, Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Centre, Grey Bruce Regional Health Services, Owen Sound Site

"Everyone should see this!"
Far From the Heart Youth Advisory Council

"[Far From the Heart] produced a good product that was well received"
Alana Murray, Superintendent of Secondary Education, Bluewater Board of Education

"While most students have learned about the issues of rape and gender violence as part of their school curriculum, this production allowed a much more in-depth learning beyond the cognitive process, and impacted on their 'emotional intelligence'. It was my impression that any student who attended a performance of Far from the Heart would view relationships in a different way and their attitudes about men and women would be strongly affected by it. I also was impressed by feedback I received in the community about male students having started to talk about these issues with their parents. Far from the Heart is an innovative project that integrates artistic and crucial social justice issues in a very professional way."
Joachim Ostertag, Manager, The Men¹s Program


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of: The Canadian Women¹s Foundation, The Ontario Arts Council Touring and Arts Education programs, The Ontario Trillium Foundation,  Bruce Power, The George Lunan Foundation, The Community Foundation Grey Bruce, Elementary Teacher¹s Federation of Ontario Bluewater Local, Employment Ontario, Grey Bruce Health Unit,  CIBC, Dr. Ken Sutherland and The Bay Street Clinic, and Greenfield & Barrie Barristers & Solicitors.  The Ontario Arts Council is an agency of the Government of Ontario. This Employment Ontario project, program or service is funded in part by the Government of Canada.


This program is delivered in partnership with The Bluewater District Board of Education, The Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Care Centre (Grey Bruce Health Services), The Men’s Program,  and other agencies.


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